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Now claims are just like cookies -- they go better with milk -- and in this case the milk is our other exciting new feature: MAPS!

Press M to open your very own world map and see where others are milling about, where all the popular claims are and where that pesky jungle is hiding.

And this is just the beginning of what ended up being a much larger update than we initially planned -- e.g. When hunting for holiday goodies, focus on cold and "arctic" mobs/areas.) Creativerse is now free to play!

extra chat features, world alerts, better terrain generation*, AI improvements, more intuitive blueprints and more. Behind the scenes, we moved to a new office, took time off for the holidays and have been laying the groundwork for features that won’t be ready for a while. New in R25 is the ability to purchase coins through your Steam wallet.

3.100 Last Access Date........: Delete Backup Files.....: "Yes" Delete Archive Files....: "Yes" Node Name...............: GZAIX User Name...............: [email protected] # [color=green]dsmc query inclexcl[/color] IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Command Line Backup-Archive Client Interface Client Version 6, Release 2, Level 2.3 Client date/time: 11/06/13 (c) Copyright by IBM Corporation and other(s) 1990, 2010. Node Name: GZAIX Session established with server GZTSM-199: AIX Server Version 6, Release 3, Level 3.100 Server date/time: 11/06/13 Last access: 11/06/13 *** FILE INCLUDE/EXCLUDE *** Mode Function Pattern (match from top down) Source File ---- --------- ------------------------------ ----------------- No exclude filespace statements defined.

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Valentine’s Alert: The Heart-Shaped Box recipe and Love Potion login rewards are still available for one more week!Heads, hats, gauntlets, weapons, and the flashlight are currently supported.We’ll unlock more costume slots and add many more costumes in the future!A very small subset of our players are currently running 32-bit versions Windows, which will cease to be supported when Creativerse becomes 64-bit.

We're announcing this change now so everyone has plenty of time to make sure they're 64-bit compatible.So come on in and claim your steak stake your claim! In other words, we acknowledge R27 isn’t as meaty as you’re used to. There’s also four new block packs in the store to spend those coins on. all coins – your existing and new ones – have been spiked with a 10x multiplier, ‘cause bigger is better (it’s a tradition here in Texas).