Problem with dating older women

25-Nov-2019 09:45

These days, even if she’s over 40, you’re not off the hook, so maybe don’t toss out the condoms just yet.

If you’re a young guy, approaching a bona fide cougar can be a little intimidating.

If you’ve got some Freudian thing going on, you should probably address that first.

This is arguable, depending on your level of morality (or lack thereof), but Franklin says that deflowering a virgin and then dropping her will ruin her life.

Times have changed, but being any woman’s first is still a big responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For the less literate among us, compunction means a guilty conscience.

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The older crowd doesn’t put any (or at least nearly as much) weight on something so ridiculous.

You act like an idiot or try to play games with her and you’ll get schooled.

Okay, this is a Ben Franklin special, and it really makes you wonder how old his idea of an older woman actually was.

She knows it, too, so if she likes what she sees, a little eye contact on your part should be enough to get her to come to you.

This gives her the upper hand, of course, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you are attracted to older women, you might want to do a little introspection and figure out the reasons why.He justifies himself with a little 18 century science, citing the effects of aging as wrinkles and saggy breasts, but when you travel south of the border, everything’s just as good as it ever was. Hey, if you end up with someone 15 years your senior, there’s a good chance she’ll go first.

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