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The tomblike salons exuded a Dickensian squalor and were crammed with sambar heads and taxidermic elephants in full regalia, horse racing trophies, and stuffed fantail snipes.There were lamps with deer hooves for stands, electrically illuminated peacocks, glasses with boar-tusk handles, ...

You'll see an assessment of the General and some information on Captain Reginald Sawney who originally have the 20 gauge to Gen. He might be able to contribute some more information Thanks. I really was looking for information on Reilly's in India.He had 5 doubles on his wall passed down by his father and grandfather, I believe they were: a 12ga Holland & Holland, a 12ga E. Reilly, a 16ga possibly Army-Navy, one I’m not sure of and a 20ga. I had a CJ-7 Jeep in New Delhi at that time; he had the hunting permits; and we went out often in the Falls of those three years, hunting ducks, dove and quail in the brilliant yellow mustard fields of Uttar Pradesh on the Gangetic plain. It was 6 lbs 1oz, chambered for 2 1/2; 30” Damascus barrels; twin triggers; no ejectors; with that beautifully slim upper stock and receiver back that comes with hammer guns - It was similar to the General’s E. Reilly as I remembered it; Perhaps I had imprinted on that gun?