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If she had arrived with Max, though, that would have turned heads.

Max, whose dad was in the same medical practice as Cassie's and Zander's dad, was a local celebrity, a best-selling author of hardboiled detective novels.

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Paparazzi clamored for a shot of celebrities—local and beyond, socialites, and other notables in Dallas society.

Zander had brought with him Cami, one of Cassie's best friends. "I'm fine," she reassured Cami before Cami could ask.

Then, she raised her voice so that everyone could hear. "I just saw online that you and Zander are going to the lake today.

I'm just the fifth wheel, the interloper." Cami appeared on the verge of adding things up, and so Cassie scuttled away as fast as her Crocs could carry her. Carrying the drinks he had brought (including juice boxes for Cass), snacks (with goldfish crackers and animal crackers for Cass), and sunscreen that he hoped to slick and smooth over Cassie's delicate and soft skin, he exited his truck.

Not surprisingly, she arrived at her car crying so hard that she could barely see to unlock the car. He could see his shirt wrapped around her, and its image caused a surge of possessiveness to flash through him. Just as he pulled back from stowing the stuff in the boat, Lucinda slammed into him.

As she stepped up to the bouncer, she became a bit shy. I know I don't have a reservation," she began, realizing the line for people waiting to enter was troubling. Cassie truly didn't realize the impression she made, a picture of slutty, classy elegance.