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Also try restarting the probe service to see if that helps.See also: Reasons for Unsuccessful Access to Performance Counters Kind regards, Erhard Hi, Remote Registry services are running on the servers where the issues persist.If Ex Mon shows you high RPC requests from one user mailbox, open his mailbox and look for corruption in calendar.

Delete it and notify the organizer that you had to delete it since the item got corrupted.

Developing a toolbox of your own Power Shell scripts can really improve your efficiency and value to your employer.

If you're looking for a place to start check out this walk-through of building a new Power Shell script, or my four part series on sending SMTP email from Power Shell scripts.

I'll probably try and improve it in the near future, but for now it gets me the information I need, which is all I really need any script to do.

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Download the script from Github The script requires the Active Directory Power Shell module, and in a multi-domain forest should be run in the forest root domain with an admin account that can access each domain. I also checked on event log but there is nothing related to this.