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25-Feb-2020 02:25

Your intent is to make the person aware of the contact, even though they may choose to ignore it. I’m a reasonably nice guy, with about 20 years in the spanking scene of So. I just can’t seem to get any response to my many personal ads seeking contact with a lady interested in spanking guys (or switching). (Please don’t advise to go to the Shadowlane party. The couples stayed to themselves or sought other women; the pros were looking for money.) Here’s my answer: __________ I think that you will find that interest is about the same as it is here, about 15% of those interested ( at least “officially” ) are women and most of them have been conditioned to be “submissive”, in spanking terms.Of course you may receive a look such as that above, we can take no responsibility if you end up getting a free ride in a police car ! A recent failure happened today when a 25 year old lady ran into the back of my car, she had the necessary element of contrition in her attitude and it was only a few minutes from home, but my mind was on other worldly matters – maybe this site needs a page about lost spanking opportunities. I really don’t like going to professional Domme’s, instead, enjoying the intimacy and trust of a personal relationship. Try taking it slowly in the general press ( eg local paper personals, but be discrete ) and take the “dominant” role on the first meeting, if nothing else you can show them how you like it.The number of impacts, the force of the impacts, the object used, clothing, the position adopted, the reason, location, the effect on the recipient and other factors all go to the almost infinite variety in spanking situations.This can be part of the enjoyment as no two spankings are the same.Sadism and Masochism are basically about giving and receiving pain for enjoyment, which can also happen during a spanking.The range of S&M pursuits is far greater than bottom smackers engage in.( see also Spanking prospecting , Asking for a spanking .

See Domestic Discipline in Relationships ( there are other pages on the site ).

Sometimes they are a mixture of both types, as outlined in the “Spencer Spanking Plan ” and similar documents. ( Examples, ” Play “, Erotic, Punishment, Opportunistic, Staged.

) A Punishment spanking may start with a period of waiting ” go to the bedroom “, ” I am going to spank you when I get home ” etc.

) The most important thing for success in this field is to develop a positive mental attitude towards spanking and the more you know about it the easier it is to introduce it to others. There are three main ways to find your partner ( this is a spanking partner that you are seeking, not necessarily a partner for life ).

Be as natural as you can be in your approach, remember that spanking is fun and that it has a lot of positive things associated with it. This advice is intended for both men and women ( who, by the way, we believe should be more active in the search for spanking partners ).A verbal dressing down may be given, some can even make the recipient cry before the spanking occurs.

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