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Special storytelling sessions, food demonstrations, and dance participa- tion workshops will also be a part of the festival.

Focal points to be constructed at the Folk Festival are ceremonial arbors similar to the ones that mark place and position, birthright and belonging among traditional Chero- kee, Yuchi, Creek and Seminole in Oklahoma.

To register or obtain additional information about the fabric painting wkshop, call the Division of Continuing Education and Community Serv- es at 357^570. "The June 30 deadline allows plenty of time to enter." Poets may send one original poem, no more than 20 lines, with their name "d address on the top of the page, to American Poetry Association, Dept. The sessions, which are scheduled for July 16-17 and July 30-31, are Signed to provide new students the opportunity to avoid the long lines of gular fall registration by registering early for undergraduate classes and to Hiliarize themselves with the Northwestern campus.

Poetry deadline June 30 The deadline for entering the American Poetry Association's contest is me 30. The registration fee of for each session, along with ACT scores, must ; submitted to the Office of Admissions and Recruiting by the deadline date *the session the incoming freshman would like to attend.

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With the three scheduled for this summer, the first session that began yesterday will set groundwork for the upcoming ones." Giving out the telephone number to the Governor's mansion, Bank- ston said, "You tell the governor what you want, ask him for the money and ask him for his support." 11th Folk Festival July 20-22 A S29.400 grant from the folk arts division of the National Endowment for the Arts has been donated to the Louisiana Folklife Center at North- western to help sponsor the 11th annual Natchitoches-NSU Folk Fes- tival July 20-22 that will celebrate the American Indian Tribes of the Red River Valley and their neigh- bors. Hatley, Northwestern English pro- fessor and director of the Louisiana Folklife Center, "the festival will present what some folklorists have called one of the best-kept secrets in America — the Indians of the South- eastern United States." After 450 years of Indian contact with Europeans in the vicinity, it seems only appropriate that South- eastern tribes be honoredand invited back.