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Los Angeles-based Del Rio, who crashed onto the scene as her season’s comedian with a foul mouth and a heart of gold, was known for her tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

She was also the *first* Queen to complete an entire season of without ever placing in the bottom during a challenge—and that’s a BIG deal.

(The company also now has four category-specific apps — Geek, Home, Mama, and Cute — but says they aren’t a significant part of the business.) Marketing toward lower-income customers wasn’t part of the original business plan, says Tarek Fahmy, a Wish engineering executive, who joined the company in 2012, but as it saw that customers were prioritizing price above all else, “we recognized that this was a significantly underserved market, especially when it came to e-commerce.” Venture capitalists were initially less convinced.

Modelled after advice column “Dear Abby,” Del Rio gives her two cents on everything from dealing with a “Lesbian Death Bed Situation” (being ignored by your partner for technology), to navigating a post-baby vagina, to coming out to your family. Do something erotic and dress up like a beekeeper and pretend their junk is honeycomb and you need to wrap it up. I mean, I’m a drag queen, any excuse to wear a costume means it’s going to be a good time. If you’re 22 and have slept with only 16 people, beef it up, girl! I think you should be skilled when you go into the world, because by the time you’re 30—when you’re f-cking and having a good time—you should be good at it! Find out what they’re about, find out if they’re sweet, find out if they like movies (face-to-face) and find out if they’re a killer! I think it goes back to what are you in a relationship for? You need to put your cards on the table and tell this dude, ‘Hey!

Or, dress up their package by pretending that [the condom] is a space suit. I mean, there’s enough people who have a job for years and are not good at it, so you should be skilled at what you do. If I gotta go down on you, you gotta go down on .’ It’s important to say ‘this is how it works.’ Make it fair, make it even.

Still, you’re more likely to find context cues walking down an aisle at Target than scrolling down your Wish feed: bath towels are stocked next to bed sheets and pillows, not bike locks or drill bits.

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Combined with the recommendation algorithm, this tactic can have unintended consequences.Since the end of her season in 2014, Del Rio has continued to shine, starring in two films, going on a funny AF comedy tour and, most recently, releasing her own line of vegan and cruelty-free makeup remover. I’m of a certain age where we didn’t have social media [growing up], and we didn’t spend our lives putting in personal info [on dating apps]. And remember this, if you’re not f-cking your husband, he’s going to go f-ck someone else. I think you should keep him happy at home, but you should definitely try to examine what makes you FINALLY, A MAN I CAN TRUST…… #blameitonbiancadelriobook #expertonnothing #opiniononeverything available at @amazon @harpercollinsus photo by @jjpdotme A post shared by Bianca Del Rio (@thebiancadelrio) on would want in return.

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