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27-Jul-2020 10:17

As the graphic above shows, it was pretty clear that the factor analysis awarded points on one end of the scale for more ‘liberal’ answers and points on the other end more ‘conservative’ answers.From this, I was able to create two maps that show the most liberal (purple) and conservative (orange) metro regions in the US.

We can interpret these patterns to inform personality scales, or traits.(Places where people go to a boozy brunch This is another one that was tough to define at first, but the concepts here map nicely to a personality trait that psychologists call “openness to experience.” People who value art, curiosity, abstract thinking, and new experiences score high on openness, while those who prefer tradition, familiarity, and concrete/literal thinking garner lower scores.Openness increase dramatically as you move from east to west.For example, when the factor analysis recognized that members who answered , Drugs) rather than a map for each possible response to every question.

After running the analysis, we get a set of personality traits that describe how the residents of US cities differ from one another.

The results are not particularly surprising; small college towns top the list as the most liberal.