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13-Aug-2020 02:12

Opinions about the fate of the involuted NCS are also divergent, expulsion from the nucleus have been proposed.In this study, we reported some observations about the morphology and the location of the NCS, that might contribute to clarify the present ambigous concepts concerning the genesis, involution and function(s) of this system. One part of this tissue was fixed in formalin solution (10%) and processed by routine techniques for histological study.The NCS was a hollow ball like structure of different sizes and was composed of 2 to 5 rows of tubules embedded in an amorphous matrix.

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From our own observations, that the tubules of NCS are in continuity with the perinuclear space (see ref. ) protrudes from the NCS into the nucleoplasm, we could reasonably assume that the for mation of NCS is a result of tubular invagination of the inner nuclear membrane into thenucleolus, where it coils spirally into successive layers forming a hollow ball-like structure (Fig 9).Schematic drawing ielustrating the involution of the NCS.

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