Non sexual touch while dating Lesbi usa chat

28-Oct-2020 03:18

Don’t just shake her hand as if you are in a business meeting.

Take her hand, grab it soft and gentle before you move it up and down.

Don’t break your eye contact while you are holding her hand. Once it is time to let go off her hand you do it very slow.

Remember, the purpose of this handshake is not to show her that you are the boss, but to let her know how good it feels to get touched by you.

The key to a wet pussy is to give her a compliment that shows that you are sexually interested in her.

Let’s have a look at some examples that make her want to kiss you straight away: For some women this compliment is a bit too much, while others will love you for being so ballsy.

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As a man who is able to make her juices flow you have to be willing to press the right buttons from the moment you are meeting her for the first time.What I like to do in this situation is to say You promise her that you will call her and you give her a hug.Don’t even think about shaking her hands a second time.Don’t just stand there and give her your phone as if you are afraid that she has some contagious disease.

Once it is time to pull out your phone and to let her type in her number, you should be ready to position yourself right next to her.

If you say this in a calm and relaxed way, she will already think about how you massage her ass.