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11-Apr-2020 22:09

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First generation antihistamines can have different side effects, and drowsiness is one of them.

But that is not the case with second-generation antihistamines.

It is a good idea to call your doctor if you suspect your symptoms are due to an allergic reaction.

Also, talk to your doctor if an allergic reaction occurs soon after starting a new medication.

"We're not saying that there's not a difference," says lead researcher Bruce G.

It is also a good idea to avoid them if you have kidney or liver problems or are pregnant.Although histamine is actually a useful substance and helps clear infection, it is important to block its effects in case of allergic reactions.Histamines give you stuffy and swelling nose, runny nose and eyes, itchy nose and mouth and even rash on the skin (hives).They may react with antifungal medicines and antidepressants.

Also, avoid alcohol when you are taking antihistamine because it can make your drowsiness worse.

Call the local emergency number or 911 if a severe allergic reaction develops.

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