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They seem very different, but the unifying theme is that each requires the ability to recognize patterns or concepts and then apply them to new situations.

There are five areas in which children with NLD show weakness. Visual and spatial awareness: Many kids with NLD have trouble understanding visual imagery.

Text-to-speech technology on a mobile phone is an incredibly useful and helpful tool for students, especially with the growing number of schools incorporating i Pads and tablets into the classroom. Text to Speech is by far one of the most advanced text-to-speech options for a mobile device and offers language options in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Other multilingual text-to-speech apps include Scan and Read Pro, Voice Dream Reader, and Claro Speak US.

They miss the social patterns that other kids pick up automatically, so they don’t know what’s appropriate behavior in a given situation.

Difficulties with social communication is one reason why kids with NLD often focus—sometimes obsessively—on technology.

For instance they struggle with breaking down a project into smaller pieces, or conceiving steps that need to be taken to get something done.“These kids have trouble figuring things out—in fact they don’t really know what In addition to the different combinations of symptoms, kids with NLD also vary along a spectrum of severity.

Most kids with NLD have weaknesses in these organizing and planning functions.

For example when they are asked to copy a shape like a cube they produce “profound distortions,” says Bezsylko.

“These kids can’t accurately perceive the cube, the forms that make up the cube, and the relationships between them.

Kids who have NLD do not have trouble decoding language, reading, or learning information in a rote way.

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As Scott Bezsylko, executive director of Winston Preparatory School, puts it, “Think of it as the opposite of dyslexia.” The problems these kids have involve, he says, all the other kinds of learning.Kurzweil 3000 is also available in a variety of languages.