Naruto dating sim shikamaru

05-Feb-2020 05:01

Originally Answered: How does Shikamaru end up with Temari in "Naruto Shippuden" and how did they meet?

- Chapters: seemed so carefree and happy that the war has come to an end. He was easily forgotten by the majority due to the relief they felt from there no more being a reason to fight. He was trying to hold back from tears as Naruto was slowly drifting away from this world.

Sasuke was just sitting there with Narutos' head on his lap and started crying.

Sakura seeing this called to the rest of the friends looking for Naruto: We might lose him!

Sakura was first on the site and she quickly started healing He looked at her with anger in his eyes: She was automatically healing Sasuke the love of her life, as her friend and saviour of the world was dying right beside them. Sasuke seeing this punched her in the face: She wasn't surprised that Sasuke treated her this way. At that moment people could be seen behind her running towards them.

personality similar to his mom, Shikamaru and her begin dating when he learns she likes him. Sakura walked up one of the crater walls created by the fierce battle.

Temari has entered her villages' inter-village-relations division thing.

I'm to lazy, errr i mean busy to look for you but often if you read some of the earlyer reviews you can find cheats or tips and tricks that people have found and mentioned in their reviews.