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" -- I can guarantee you he wouldn't care for this."Prime" also doesn't have any of the typical emotional manipulations found in your average rom-com.Movies are like people -- some you despise, many leave you indifferent, and some just really *click*.My roommate came back from "Saw III" hyper and proclaiming it the "BEST movie EVER!!!It makes do with much subtler if still dramatic material.For example: the meeting between Rafi and David is low-key, slightly awkward, nothing like, say, the Ferris wheel scene in "The Notebook".“Prime” is about a woman who starts dating her psychiatrist’s son, and none of the three people involved realize it.How that can happen is a marvel of screenwriting: The writer has to be very careful about what these three people say to each other, lest everything be revealed sooner than he wants it to be.

It’s also a good reminder not to lie to your shrink.You gotta love Meryl Streep, and you gotta love Meryl Streep doing comedy (see “Adaptation”), proving that a great dramatic actress can be funny, too, by employing the same rules: Be real and be honest.She’s paired here with Uma Thurman, who’s also not famous for being funny, but who is perfectly capable of it.I had to look it up on IMDb just because I was thinking about it so much.

There's a lot of negative reviews here, much more than the movie deserves.She meets David (Bryan Greenberg) through a mutual friend and begins dating him, recognizing that he’s younger but not knowing how much younger until she finally asks: He’s 23. They both think the age difference is substantial, but they both know they like each other, too.

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