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08-Mar-2020 23:57

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You can un-train this mindset by teaching her how to dig her own gold, not the gold from your pockets.

Perhaps ask her help you with your work, and patiently teach her the skills for your work.

The culture of a city very much affects the traditions and mentality of its people. Be gentle yet stand up for yourself (don’t be a doormat); unable to let go of her past, she may take out her frustrations on you.

Last but not least, though, I broke down men and women into 3 categories, they could very much be broken into smaller segments. This will be the hardest part for this kind of woman needs some more healing, for she still has an anger against men who have wronged her and it will be really hard to gain her trust.

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This piece is based off a collections of observations and anecdotes from myself and the dozens and dozens of men and women who’ve stories I’ve collected about their dating experiences (I am a bit of a social butterfly and I talk to anyone and and everyone about anything). A natural born leader with natural drive, she was unfortunate to be raised in a setting where she did not have much help. And she doesn’t realize it, nor will she admit it to herself but she very much needs a shoulder to lean on.

The Gold Digger, unfortunately has been raised to be the doormat for a successful man. Love Strategy: Personally, I don’t have the patience for this this kind of girl but to each their own. Note, you will have to come out of the pockets early on for her.

As long as he is bringing home the bacon, she should be happy. If you want to marry a Gold Digger fellows, be careful. That said, you must slowly start to challenge this.

He just needs to have a few girls to call up when he’s in need of some quick nookie.

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What’s a few dollars and a shopping trip if she’s willing to cater to his every needs: cooking, on top of sex? And of course, the Gold Digger can’t resist the coins, until she finds herself getting kicked to the curb when he’s lost interest, and replaces her with another “pocket digger.” Cue Kanye West “Golddigger.”The Arrogant Asshole The arrogant asshole is the reason for all of America’s problems (See Donald Trump). He knows how to get what he wants through manipulation. His father, and mother had high expectations of him.He is arrogant and overly cocky, an attrictive attribute for many. “With great power, comes great…” Nope, not in his book. I only wish I had such poor morals to be able stoop to any depth to get what I want. They provided for him, they worked hard for him but they never taught him love. Therefore, he does not know how to love himself, and therefore you.

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