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Playing for an opportunity to be voted off again by Rob Mariano were his zombies Andrea, Matt, and Grant alongside Mike.

Andrea made it very clear going into the game that she was the “under under dog” so of course the challenge was one that one of the men, they simply failed to use their brains as Rob was able to convince them, quite easily, to vote off Andrea.

After being blindsided herself, Andrea arrived at Redemption Island only to get into a heated debate with Matt about his most recent blindside.

Despite his previous successes, Matt lost the final reentry duel to Andrea after a lapse in concentration.

Matt, however, decided to follow his honor code and told Rob about the whole ordeal, including that he had actually considered voting him out.

Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I've always wanted to live off the land and I think it would be a fun experience to compete on the show.

Inspiration in Life: I think that there are so many people worthy of being deemed "a hero" in everyday life that are overlooked.