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25-May-2020 13:41

Shoemaker begins to have erotic dreams of himself having sex with Loren, which cause him to seek out help from the school's drama teacher (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who tells him that the best way to stop the dreams is to proposition Loren.

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After Fairbell, Loren, and Shoemaker receive an anonymous death threat, the three plus Quinn and Abbey find themselves locked in the high school and pursued by a masked student.

High school teachers Loren Payton, Andy Fairbell, and Billy Shoemaker are being tormented by one of the school's football players, Bryce, who takes sadistic glee in terrorizing his teachers.

To get back at him, they conspire to plant drugs in his locker.

Special Guest: Susie Essman The school's volleyball team reaches the state finals, which leads to the school's PTA suspending Andy as coach so they replace him with a more famous coach that they think will have a better chance at winning the big game.

In response, the team's star player, Little Debbie, quits the team in protest of Andy's demotion.

After a madcap quest to obtain them, they find their scheme failed because Bryce's dad bribed the school's principal into allowing his son to go unpunished.

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