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16-Apr-2020 03:55

Occasional Mayor Eric Garcetti was recently spotted meeting with Hillary Clinton about his upcoming 2020 campaign, which he still hasn’t committed to running despite his countless hours spent out of office (and out of state) failing to make an impression anywhere.Because what better way to show you’re ready to bring the change that we need than seeking the endorsement of a corporate Democrat and neoliberal war criminal who failed to get herself elected to president twice.County-wide, homelessness has increased by 12% totaling 58,936 people (Source: Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority).These alarming numbers represent 3,000 homeless veterans (The Los Angeles Times). - This petition is an effort to gather signatures for a recall effort of the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti.Mayor Garcetti’s inaction and lack of prioritization for the citizens of Los Angeles has caused third-world conditions, with disease breeding devastation on the homeless of Los Angeles who are forced to live in conditions that are a danger to all of the public health. https://recallthelamayor.blogspot.com/ Facebook Group Page: Recall L. Mayor Eric Garcetti Use hashtag #recallgarcetti According to The Los Angeles Times, as of June 4th, 2019, homelessness in the City of Los Angeles has soared to 36,000 people, a 16% increase.

Mayor Garcetti was spotted Wednesday courting hardcore conservatives on KFI AM 640, proving the elusive Garcetti is happy to set himself up for a masochistic flaying by the reactionary right, but will ensure he’s nowhere to be found when SEIU 721 comes knocking. Reports indicate he’ll be in Oklahoma next on his sad #EGin MSOK tour. If anyone sees him, please tell him our city is still deeply mired in a historical housing crisis and ask him to get the fuck back to Los Angeles where he belongs.This petition seeks the public’s help to remove this ineffective public servant from office!Please sign this petition and let the homeless know they are being seen and heard, and that the people of the City of Los Angeles, will no longer tolerate this type of inaction on a crisis endangering all of the public health.We really wish he would come home and help campaign for Prop 10 instead, which he theoretically has endorsed.

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While the rest of California is fighting billionaire landlords for rent control and preparing for the imminent climate change apocalypse, supposed Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has decided his time is better spent campaigning elsewhere.Eric Garcetti was last spotted in Mississippi, just days after hanging out with London Breed in San Francisco, trying to make his faux narrative of “analog Washington vs. Mayor Garcetti was recently spotted at the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco touting his own climate achievements while LA was recently ranked as the only American city included in the top 10 most polluted cities in the world.