Leykis dating rules

27-Aug-2020 18:52

Optimally you should set up an after dinner date for cocktails. Why would you want to be in second place to some spoiled brat. If she answers the phone and you get that vibe, excuse yourself to the restroom and leave her there. This method gives you lots of room for player mistakes. * You already know her stance on abortion, she wont have one. Plus her kids will always be #1 in her life and you will always be in the back burner. * Most likely she has set up the bogus emergency call to get out of the date early because she's not going to bang or, she just talked to the bad boy that will bang her after you just bought the meal. Remember: To play in the game, you have to warm up in the bullpen. * You don't want a girl who knows where you lived after you dumped her and gone to the next girl. Your income will reflect the quality of poon you get. Girls upgrade all the time, and guys should be able to also. * If you haven't got laid by the 3rd date you are travling down the "friends" road and she is just sponging off you. There should be as little time as possible from drinking to banging. Thursday-Saturday is offlimits for a girl unless its definite poon. * You want women to believe you are too busy out doing stuff. Do not have a serious relationship until you have realized your personal dreams. * You don't want the crap she brought home and you don't want to pay child support for 18 years right? * This was in the movie Swingers, and Tom's played it before. Don't discuss that you are a Leykis listener and follow his rules. *You make the money, you decide on what you want to do and where you want to do it. Sex To Go - No spooning, cuddling, and or staying over after sex.Relationships - Do not get into a serious relationship before the age of 25 Weekend Dates - Do not go out on weekend dates unless you are guaranteed sex Cell Phone Dates - If your dates cell phone rings during the date then immediately leave.

After Hours Homely Pickings - The fugly women are the last one's to get picked up Birth Control - Regardless of what a woman says always use birth control. Jerks and *******s - If women think you are a jerk, then you're doing something right.

sometimes I'd invite 3-4 out on my boat and watch them get all possessive. I accredit a big part of not being a beta FA neckbeard WK to listening to Leykis in late middle school/early HS. I accredit a big part of not being a beta FA neckbeard WK to listening to Leykis in late middle school/early HS. you OBVIOUSLY havent heard this guy (at least more than an hour of his content) Pathetic FAs.