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18-Nov-2020 21:02

College tutor Lee books a minibus to travel with students to London for an anti-Brexit march.

The minibus driver Jeff is a leaver, The journey is beset with problems, a faulty sat nav, Jeff...

She likes the idea that this is a benefit, that part of her proceeds go to Bush Gardens.

When ask which was her personal favorite, she couldn't choose just one, and said it would have to be unusual irises and lilies.

) while in Pittsburgh through the 80’s –way to many to list!

Programmed in Memphis, Charlotte, Seattle in the 90’s and moved to Salt Lake to manage a cluster in 1999.

Even if you’re not comfortable donating or loaning the item, committee members would love to take information about the artifact or document for our records, to help researchers.

Some of the members of the Westport Island History Committee brave Sunday’s heat. The committee is excited to offer these areas for focus in the open house: the tidal mills, whose remains are still easily seen along several of the coves on the west and east sides of the island; recreation and community life, with regalia and assorted objects from Westport’s Grange chapter, uniforms and equipment from the baseball team of the 1950s, dances and other social activity; the committee’s collection of old photos of people, houses, schools, industry and various scenes of the island, stored and available for view on the Maine Historical Society’s Maine Memory Network; new additions to the collection, including photographs and artifacts related to the Segerstrom preserve and Jewett family donations; quilts and examples of older textiles from the town collection; resources for genealogical research with Westport Island families, including a copy of the Bea Harriman book, vital records materials, and other genealogical research in the committee’s collection; materials about some of Westport Island’s historic houses, from the 2018 tour of six homes; and a reproduction of the town’s original record book, dating back to the 1828 separation of Westport from Edgecomb.

Went to Denver with CBS since 2003 as VP/Programming for the market and CBS VP/Classic Hits and Oldies Programming for the company.