Is michael phelps dating anyone

09-Sep-2020 08:45

I have no clue whether he is gay or not, but pairing Beard and Phelps is the press' way of hooking up the hot cheerleader with the quarterback.They only throw her name out because she is the highest profile female swimmer in the world right now."THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW?But it reeks of obese, ignorant hausfrau or pimply, fat straight teenager to say "I can't take any more of this nonsense" or "shut up!!!! At this point and with very little free time most of his life, his mother probably is his best friend. But the women who usually date these high profile guys are either groupies or close enough to it to still want to be recognized even when they know the truth. How does that equal gay and why is he obligated to share details about his love life?She's been his biggest fan since he was a little kid. He probably hasn't had much of a chance to develop much of an intimate relationship with anyone. Phelps is straight and cheated on his then girlfriend with every available drunk Michigan chick he could find while he was a "student" there. That is a private matter for some celebrities and athletes.Phelps is definitely not my type - but he's been pinging since day 1. Michael was making a move on Stephanie Rice of Australia (as reported in the news). He knew that if he trained like crazy and won 8 gold medals, he would be able to cash in with his fame.

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He is an incredibly sheltered, wealthy and talented man/boy who needs to get an education and needs to look inward to find his true self. Sorry for the double post I was trying to scrub the stink and rot out of my cunt for the millionth time. Gotta run granpa just ate a big bag a peanuts and he's saving it for me."It must realy be humiliating that a marginal Republican is beating the crap out of the shining star of the Democratic party."So we have those who on little evidence are convinced someone is gay or those who on as little evidence are convinced someone is straight. I can't take any more of this nonsense.[/italic]What the hell has Jake got to do with this you dribbling 9 year old little frau-in-training?

This doesn't mean that his sexual orientation isn't well-established in his brain and with some close associates, it's just that he hasn't let the general public into his personal life. Amanda Beard is surprisingly grounded and shy in person - particularly given her young rise to superstardom and the struggles she went through as puberty changed her body and her swimming. I am not attracted to Phelps and I do not think he is hot or sexual. He really pings for me and I have really good gaydar.

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