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24-May-2020 11:45

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I signed up thinking my matches would be in the surrounding area of which I live or at least in my state. Plus I specified I preferred a man of ** ethnicity. What exactly is the harm in being bought dinner or a couple drinks. This site is an absolute waste of your time and money!!!!

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That literally defeats the entire purpose of the whole matchmaking algorithm they're so proud of. They did offer to cancel my account AFTER I pay the full balance.

They also should offer trials, like other dating website that charge. I signed up for e Harmony THREE YEARS AGO and spent over an hour taking their personality quiz.

At the end of the quiz, I received a message that says, "We're sorry – we are unable to find the right type of people for you.

Dear Aaron, Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear we were unable to find you matches 3 years ago.

There are a number of reasons why that result occurred and I'd be happy to review your account and see if I can find more information.

Potential dates removed often and now recycling old submission and smile and send questions to every one and get absolutely 0 responses. I contacted customer service about the matter, requesting a refund and of course no refund could be made.