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19-Feb-2020 17:56

Amber actually met her husband at one of these themed events in 2012.

Today, On Speed Dating hosts over 100 fun, controversial, and memorable events for all types of singles in New York City and Austin.

Amber said she is excited to roll out quality-controlled themes that raise the bar for singles events and create a more opportunity-rich lineup of men and women.

Ranked Speed Dating is an invite-only event for the cream of the dating crop.

They decided to come up with a more targeted system that weeded out dating dealbreakers before the night even began.

For instance, On Speed Dating’s Founder Amber Soletti wanted to date tall men, so they organized an event called Size Matters where men had to be at least 6 feet tall to attend.

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The On Speed Dating team often screens participants to ensure they fit the theme and portray themselves accurately.Its themed events weed out dealbreakers in appearance, political views, interests, professions, and other criteria to set participants up for success.