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However, she finds out they were only stage fighting.After a stage fight lesson, Sikowitz gives Jade as Tori's fighting actress in a scene they are assigned to do.After accidentally spilling coffee on Beck (and wiping his shirt), Tori finds herself at the wrath of Jade, who thinks that Tori was flirting with Beck.

Meanwhile, Andre and Robbie sign up for ballet class as a way to meet girls, but find out that many other boys had the same idea.

Consequently, Tori is given a punishment of cleaning the theater after a food fight scene.

However, during an altercation between other students the boys poured a cup of ice in the girl's tucked-in shirt she tries to get back at them by throw a cup of water at them but the boys got out of the way and Jade ends up getting wet.

But then, a young girl joins the class to teach, and the boys go crazy about her.

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Tori finds Beck and a guy named Russ supposedly fighting and tries to intervene.Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) gets the chance of a lifetime to attend Hollywood Arts, an elite performing arts school after taking her older sister Trina's (Daniella Monet) place in her school's big showcase.