I am a christian dating a muslim Hook up chat porn

23-Oct-2019 03:11

Although I am not a virgin, he is adamant in his decision to stay celibate until marriage, and I completely respect that (we kiss, but that is all).

I'm Catholic (not practicing) and am not likely to ever convert.

Okay, so you’ve met the man of your dreams, and he’s totally into you, too. He speaks of faraway lands in a way that mesmerizes and he looks at you as though you’re the only woman on earth. The first thing to realize is that many Muslim men are on a “wife hunt.” As unromantic as that sounds, it is true.

He has an intensity that has swept you off your feet. Marriage is considered “half the religion” and most men are eager to settle down and start a family.

Hypothetically if we did get married, I would have absolutely 0 qualms about raising my children Muslim.

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Some Muslim men choose a potential spouse who meets certain criteria. Too many non-Muslim women are caught off-guard after the wedding.

After a whirlwind relationship, he wants to marry you as soon as possible. As refreshingly different as that is from what you may be accustomed to, it is still a good idea to proceed with caution.

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