How to wonka candy dating

05-Jun-2020 18:06

They start out with simple objectives, such as clearing one type of treat off the board multiple times.

But then you’ll have to clear out multiple types of candies on boards with unique mechanisms put in place.

Coins are awarded to you for completing stages (you can get even more by finishing any stage with a Great Score! • You can actually acquire even more coins with as little effort as possible, by the way!

In order to get it ready for a grand re-opening, he’s chosen to enlist your help.• One of those special candies are the Sugar Beams.Sugar Beams are created by matching four pieces of the same type of candy.You’re only given a limited amount of moves to work with, so each and every move you make has to be careful and calculated.

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• You can experiment with special candy matches and not worry about losing a move (you only lose a turn if a match is made.) You should primarily go for for matches that clear off more than three candies on the board.Rockets are created by matching four of the same candies in a square formation.

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