How to earn using cybersex chat

16-Oct-2020 16:28

Phone sex has also embraced mobile technology, and now PSOs can also earn from texting, sending digital media and through mobile apps. We’ve got a list of the networks hiring Phone sex operators.The one major requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. 18 is the minimum age for anyone to get involved in any kind of sex work or adult services. When registering for any of the sites, you must submit a digital copy of photo ID for age verification. There are no gender restrictions on becoming a phone sex operator. You’ll want a smart phone, as there’s mobile applications that will help with promotion. (PSO) Phone sex has evolved a lot since the day of the 900 numbers in the back of the magazines.Now anyone 18 can become a phone sex operator and make money working from their own home.For example; some sites only support talking, while others also support texting.There’s special sites designed specifically for premium Snapchat. Once you’ve decided what sites you want to perform on, it’s time to register and get verified.

All the major phone sex networks deploy a level of encryption when connecting the calls or texts.

The customer will have to continue renewing the subscription monthly to maintain access.