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07-Nov-2019 23:19

hints at either a new source of income opening up – and this could even be a side-hustle.Or else you relating to your money and what you have at your disposal in a new, more aligned way to your true needs.Though you may be super-generous to employees and never, ever forget the value of a good Christmas party or a blue-skies thinking day, it would be as well to take care that you don’t display signs of pomposity, arrogance or even autocracy.Leos make natural leaders of the pack but do need others to acknowledge their position.All this adds up to you feeling worthy of the best.Especially when it comes to how you are rewarded for what you do, Leo.A well published author who focuses on financial and business matters.

These weekend Leo love horoscopes are very popular. If it’s money or finance matters that have the focus of your attention, then visit Leo Monthly horoscopes.It’s a good time to commit to a budget or as I like to refer to it – spending plan.One where you focus on what you need and adds value to your life, rather than just spending on more ‘stuff’.Your open hearted approach is always a winning one. That new aspect of yourself you are showcasing goes hand in hand with any barriers that may have held you back – especially around love, travel or your ability to express yourself, being lifted.

You intuitively know that the more you give out, the more you attract back in kind. All thanks to Jupiter moving forward again in your 5.No false praise of course – they’ll see right through that but, when appropriate, acknowledge how much you’re achieving together.