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Gary Auerbach and Julie Auerbach (who head Go Go Luckey Productions) and Betsy Schechter (Four Seasons) were the executive producers.

Every episode of the show was outlined by the production team first, co-executive producer Tina Gazzerro stated, to ensure that a producible episode will result.

It's 'The Blair Witch Project' meets 'Unsolved Mysteries.' But if you scare easily, don't watch this show alone." Reviewers have pointed out that the show effectively utilizes a number of cinematic techniques common in horror film.

The editing leaves open the question of whether paranormal activity is actually occurring, and the cinematography uses night-vision and infrared photography to create a suspenseful atmosphere.

Information about the event under investigation may also be held back from the students in order to create dramatic tension, and only situations which will have a conclusive outcome are investigated.

"We may have information we don't give to [the PRS team]", Gazzerro said, "but we need to make sure [the episode is] produceable." Story arcs were also outlined for each "character" on the show, and the production team had publicly expressed its hope that a romantic relationship would develop between the research team leader Ryan Buell and one of the women on the series.

The billboard was apparently the first commercial use of the technology on a billboard.

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The program follows and stars the Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society, a student-led college club.Before debuting on Paranormal State in 2007, she was studying film theory, media studies, and French at Penn State.Outside her television career, she is also a member of the punk musical project known as Glowworms.The production team and the show's researchers say that no pressure was put on the research team to act in certain ways or make paranormal discoveries. Cable television reality shows about the paranormal require only about a quarter of the budget of a scripted show of the same length.

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They also draw much-coveted younger viewers, and lean slightly more female than male (a difficult demographic to draw for most cable networks not explicitly targeting women) The cable network reported that this included 1.6 million people aged 18 to 49 (a highly coveted demographic by broadcasters and advertisers).

Passers-by who walked directly in the path of the sound would hear spooky, disembodied voices whispering suggestive messages such as "What's that? It's not your imagination." But someone standing next to that person would hear nothing.