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08-Mar-2020 05:59

I think he was the best actor of his generation but, unfortunately, he died too young.

His film legacy and his magnificent aura, however, live on forever."My Own Private Idaho" is a poetic and bittersweet road movie, and Van Sant's masterpiece.

The film has to dry in a contained area where dust cannot cover it, and you definitely cannot cut the film while it is still wet and go straight to making a print. See more » I've never been a believer in Gus Van Sant the auteur.

), and it culminates ambiguously with all the loose ends untethered.

A more capable story-teller would have offered a conclusion, but all Van Sant leaves us is with some haunting classical music and beautiful shot of a cloud covered North Western sky.

Here in Brazil it received a bad title, "Garotos de Programa" (literally, "Rent Boys").

Yes, the main characters are rent boys, but this is not what defines them. ) mostly deals with loneliness, virile sexuality and friendship, and paternity. Besides, by watching it my contemporaries will realize that Keanu Reeves isn't Neo from "The Matrix", but a versatile actor; and, perhaps, they'd discover that friendship - and romantic love - between two men can be truly sincere.

See full summary » A day in the lives of a group of average teenage high school students.

His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.… continue reading »

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