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Elsewhere, Oliver is always on the phone and Taylor is convinced he has a new girlfriend.She tails him after one of the calls and finds something entirely different going on.With the cotillion dance event coming soon, Oliver asks Dad to keep the secret from Katie, fearing that Mom will show up at the dance and embarrass him.When Katie angrily refuses Viv's help in decorating the Otto house for Christmas and is reluctant to help Viv with the school's Christmas show, Anna-Kat sees her mother as Krampus, the demon who punishes misbehaving children during the holidays.

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While she is out, Katie leaves Doris in charge of the kids, and they don't react well to her much stricter parenting style.

The description that Sandra, who has not seen Linda in six years, provides of her then twelve year old cousin - "ponytail and braces" - makes the rounds to all Greg's friends before he can ask them to be Linda's date.