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18-Nov-2020 09:15

Of course, most will want to settle later — but that’s another subject (see the posts in section two here).

For more about modern dating, see these posts by the invaluable Dalrock. First, “why women lose the dating game” gives the same message about marriage that I’ve said many times — the next 15 years will be critical for America.

Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying.

Closely watch this excerpt from this date and record your impressions about what happened. It is a classic confrontation in the form of what used to be called “dates.” He employs Game; she opens with “shit tests” (aggressive probes to determine if the guy is an alpha or beta). I have edited and paraphrased it; see Roissy’s original for more detail. — “I’m gonna play Flappy Bird while you drink that”. I dated a lot in my 20s; dates often ended with a lot less than Mike got. — Shazzy B (@The Real Shazzzy) February 5, 2018 (nothing is new, just the mixtures changes).Silly are an integral part of pickup, best used at the moment you’ve brought a girl to genuine anger. Her boyfriend probably agreed that this was quite a hot kiss. Watching telly to see an Advert come on of the new series for @Celebs Go Dating to find my Mrs snogging the face off muggy mike #muggedoffbymike @Mike Thalassitis 🤦🏽‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/8ZXi K3Ems Z — Kirran Girling (@Kirrangirling) January 23, 2018 I’d love to be on #Celebs Go Dating I wouldn’t let anyone like #Muggy Mike treat me like that! Young men report that many (or most) young women want bad boys (aka “tingles”) more than the qualities that make good husbands: intelligence, responsibility, empathy, etc. — She hits him with her second shit test, and it’s a doozy: calling him stupid. (You don’t have to say much to get your neg across.) — Her: ? — She spends some time trying to DHV him with her plans to become Miss England. Instead of groveling before her beauty like a beta, he (figuring out quickly what she was up to) simply changes the subject to her surname. Instead of a direct response (aka the dancing monkey response), he replies by asking if she speaks Greek. …He asks her in Greek if “she wants a cucumber up her bum.” …

Again, he passes it easily by resorting (in so many words) to the classic CH Game technique Agree & Amplify. — Her face at this moment is that perfect mix of anger and arousal.

“ Up here please.” A betadroid would have apologized for his impudence.

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