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Of course, there are always local farmer’s markets to check out as well.Our post on San Francisco’s Farmer’s Markets is a great guide, and we highly recommend the Little Italy and Hillcrest markets in SD.The lowest “C” was added in 1972 and used through 1981.After 1981, military dates or consumer warranty dates are needed to differentiate these from 1960s counterparts.Our posts on restaurants with great beach views in SD and rooftop bars in SF are great guides when it comes to choosing a location.Would you like to try a unique outdoor activity during your date?S.: many girls will say that they expect the boy to pay on the first date, while others will argue that the person who initiated the date should be the one to pay.Some choose to “go Dutch,” which is slang for splitting the bill 50/50. Fusion restaurants are great places for conversation: each dish is a blend of cultures (and is probably something that neither of you have tried before) so there is a lot to talk about!

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While our headquarters is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, we also have research facilities in France, Germany, India, USA and China.

San Diego and San Francisco host many awesome street fairs and festivals.

From San Diego’s Beer Fest and Oysterfest to San Francisco’s music and film festivals, there is always something to do!

I know that 188-5 is KY and 188-20 is NY, but what about the others. BOBI wrote an article published in Tube Collector (Vol 12, Number 6 - December, 2010) that describes the date codes. I tried to copy some tables into this post, but the data does not line up and is more confusing. Printed date marking for the military was different as to meet their requirements, but the dots represent the same thing for both military and commercial tubes. One is the printed date code and one is the sand-blasted dot code. These represent January through December, respectively. These codes were strictly for the purpose of honoring the warranty and could have been printed on the tube several years after the tube was manufactured.

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I also know that the Date Code above the Plant Code is the YY-WK, but some of my GE tubes have another two digit-two digit separate code, different from the YY-WK code. As far as the printed date code goes, from 1948 to 1955 it has a Y-MM pattern. Examples:8-43 = October 1948 59-09 = February 1959Starting in mid 1964, General Electric switched from a “year-month” to a two-letter “month/year” code for warranty fulfillment. Small and large dots occasionally appear in the upper row demarked here by the letter “X”.This makes us ideally positioned to address growing global demands and needs.