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As the sun started to rise in the east and the birds began chirping, Bailey began to stir as the sun peeked through the sheer curtains.Chief Petty Officer Dashworth looked at his men as they crammed into the room, making sure they were all in attendance. Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 4.5 | Words: 4,378 | Tags: sex drugs rock cock huge cock fucking navy sailor humour | 8 Comments Sandra gets me through a gloomy lonely night In the summer of 1998, I was travelling from Boulder, Co. My wife had been in an auto accident two months earlier and she needed months of rehab.He wanted to make sure nobody missed out on his warnings and instructions. Her sister, Amie and her husband, Baxter own a physio company called Baxter’s Sports Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento.I’ve been to some decent swingers’ parties, had sex at the hot tub (mentioned in previous entries) and a few one-nighters.

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Gerry set the chair up next to an empty one, then hung the bag of popcorn on a Sheppard's pole holding a lantern set up next to the...