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09-Nov-2019 21:44

She says the larger idea here is to present users with potential matches who you already have things in common with, as reflected by the places you go.“The places that you go say a lot about who you are as an individual, what you value, your hobbies, your interests,” she continues.“As a female who designed this feature, I personally made sure that I would feel safe using it,” she says. It leverages Mapbox and Foursquare’s Pilgrim SDK to identify and categorize places you go, and it only shares those places Foursquare deems “social.” (Foursquare is able to “wake up” Tinder’s app for background location, in case you’re wondering how this works).Tinder says it will not record places like your house, the office building where you work, banks, doctors’ offices and other venues that are either too personal or not relevant to matching.The company says users haven’t asked for this sort of functionality during tests.Rather, they’ve opted in to the feature in full force, with very few qualms about their personal data or its usage, it seems.Instead, Tinder waits until at least 30 minutes before a place shows up, or even longer.It randomizes the time before someone appears associated with a particular venue in order to limit others’ abilities to deduce people’s routines.

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Starting today, Tinder Places is formally being announced as a public beta test that’s underway in three cities: Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and Santiago, Chile.You can’t push a button to clear your data, for instance.If you want it gone, you’ll need to delete your Tinder user account entirely, we understand.(It was being tested privately in these markets prior to now.) The plan is to collect user feedback from the public trials, and tweak the product before it launches to all users worldwide, the company says.

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The idea of sharing your location with strangers, however, is a bit creepy — especially considering that Tinder users are not always respectful.

(After all, just because you went to that hip bar a year ago does not make you a person who goes to hip bars.) Of course, a dedicated stalker could make a note of your favorite haunts and attempt to locate you in the real world, but this would require extra effort in terms of writing things down, and trying to determine your patterns.

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