Fossil succession relative dating

04-Feb-2020 17:50

3.6 Earth’s systems are dynamic; they continually react to changing influences.3.7 Changes in part of one system can cause new changes to that system or to other systems, often in surprising and complex ways.4.1 Earth’s geosphere changes through geological, hydrological, physical, chemical, and biological processes that are explained by universal laws.5.2 Water is essential for life on Earth.5.3 Water’s unique combination of physical and chemical properties are essential to the dynamics of all of Earth’s systems.6.1 Fossils are the preserved evidence of ancient life.6.2 Evolution, including the origination and extinction of species, is a natural and ongoing process.6.3 Biological diversity, both past and present, is vast and largely undiscovered.6.4 More complex life forms and ecosystems have arisen over the course of Earth’s history.6.5 Microorganisms dominated Earth’s early biosphere and continue today to be the most widespread, abundant, and diverse group of organisms on the planet.6.6 Mass extinctions occur when global conditions change faster than species in large numbers can adapt.6.7 The particular life forms that exist today, including humans, are a unique result of the history of Earth’s systems.6.8 Life changes the physical and chemical properties of Earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.6.9 Life occupies a wide range of Earth’s environments, including extreme environments.8.1 Natural hazards result from natural Earth processes.8.4 Hazardous events can be sudden or gradual.

8.5 Natural hazards can be local or global in origin.8.7 Humans cannot eliminate natural hazards, but can engage in activities that reduce their impacts.8.8 An Earth-science-literate public is essential for reducing risks from natural hazards.

In many places we see evidence that the Earth's atmosphere had to evolve before living things could live on land.

In other places, the rock record reveals mass extinctions that occurred when environmental conditions changed so rapidly that organisms could not keep pace with the rate of change.

C investigate how the formation of atmospheric oxygen and the ozone layer impacted the formation of the geosphere and biosphere 7 The student knows that scientific dating methods of fossils and rock sequences are used to construct a chronology of Earth's history expressed in the geologic time scale.

B evaluate the role of volcanic outgassing and impact of water-bearing comets in developing Earth's atmosphere and hydrosphere 6.

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The activities we have selected are congruent with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and are arranged to build upon one another. B explain how sedimentation, fossilization, and speciation affect the degree of completeness of the fossil record 8.

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