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Every couple has difficulty coming up with creative ways to stay busy.

No matter how much fun you have with your companion, there are still times when you will be bored and in need of things to do.

Cut out each question and place them in a fish bowl.

If you do not have a fish bowl, you can use any glass jar or container you have sitting around the house.

Her work has been published in journals such as "Psychological Reports" and "Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior." Westminster's interests include developmental psychology, children, pets and crafting.

At Operation Snowball, the teens call the exercise “Sex in a Fishbowl,” but it’s not some weird, erotic game.

Plan a cooking night and assign each person a part of the meal.

Assign one person to cook the appetizer and dessert, and the other to make the main course.

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The need to be loved and valued is, I believe, deeply rooted in the human psyche.

Draw one question out of the bowl and ask your partner the question you drew.

Keep doing this until all questions in the fish bowl are answered.

They divide the room sending males to one side with females facing them from the other.

Everyone scribbles questions they would like their counterparts of the opposite sex to answer, and places them into a fishbowl to be withdrawn randomly and anonymously.

Make popcorn and drink soda to make it feel as if you are at the movies.