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View this post on Instagram Containing one’s enthusiasm can be hard 🥳 thx for the video @gracecty and thx for not bucking me off George #eventerproblems #gridsfordays #horsesofinstagram #ottb #perfectinanyarena #thoroughbred #horse #retiredracehorse #neongreen A...

EN’s Dream Team is actually #Team No Sleep this weekend, with concurrent AEC and European Championship madness happening, plus a little Foshay International coverage sprinkled in good measure. Move over, Advanced, with your fancy dressage tailcoats and show-boaty jumps.

It is likely that the inspiration for the design was spurred by the contact between Europe and the Islamic world that occurred during the crusades. Pugin and fellow architect Charles Barry did just that with their design for the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben clock tower in London.

While the steeply pointed arch common in Gothic architecture of the 12th century is sometimes referred to as a “lancet arch,” the “flamboyant Gothic” style of the 14th century commonly featured a wider arch embellished with ornate carvings. Steeply Pitched Roofs Windmill Hill, an 1865 Grade II-listed Victorian estate in Essex, England, has the classic roofline of a Gothic Revival manse as well as Venetian Gothic-style windows and Tudor-style chimney stacks.

The stained-glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris are spectacular examples of the style with tracery connecting at hundreds of points to yield awe-inspiring height and illumination.

A total of 20 countries on four different continents – Europe, North and South America, and Asia – have submitted expressions of interest to host the FEI World Championships 2022, with representatives from over 30 different venues attending a workshop for potential host cities in Lausanne (SUI) today.

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Welcome to the website of Team Taylor Eventing; I am delighted to welcome you.Tracery and Ornate Stone Carving A subtle but nonetheless crucial element of Gothic architecture, tracery is just what it sounds like: delicate, branching ornamental stonework that literally “traces” the lines of a stained-glass window, providing structural support while emphasizing the window’s geometric design.Tracery became increasingly elaborate over the course of the medieval period as stained-glass windows became larger and more complex, requiring more support.The pitched roof was also a common feature of the related Tudor Revival style.

In both cases, it was considered not only stylish but practical because its steep angles prevented snow and rain from accumulating on the roof.Participants at the interactive workshop, which is a first for the FEI, were briefed on the benefits of hosting FEI World Championships, including the economic impact on the host city and country, operational requirements, commercial opportunities, broadcast media rights and event promotion, support from the FEI’s team of experts across key functional areas, and the bidding process itself.

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