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26-Nov-2019 13:40

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If you have more then 3 to 5 machines being affected by this issue, I would recommend doing this in very small batches, as it can affect network performance significantly.

Typically, I have to do 3 to 4 cycles of all of the above steps to get the machines to react properly.

I have tried to tag these systems with Uninstall/Reinstalls to fix the issue, and it worked on two machines, but there is still at least 20 machines that are not registering properly!

I don't know why this occurs the way it does..just does.

If you check the machine's "About" listing individually, it will probably properly list the product, but it wont be listed in e PO.

most notably are the XP machines with VS 7.1 on them which connect to e PO, download the policies but do not download the DAT had out 2000 machines going fine(most recently they stopped downloading the DATs, but still download the policies)the log file on the client machine shows "No Package received from server" which there clearly is an updated DAT file on the e PO 3.0.1 server. I am not sure why but I was stuck exactly the same as you with a few random clients not doing what they should be doing and usually one of these two options worked. The specific reg key and values are below: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Network Associates\e Policy Orchestrator\Application Plugins\CMNUPD__3000]"Plugin Path"="C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\Frm Plugin.dll""Software ID"="CMNUPD__3000""Uninstall Command"="""Language"="0409""Product Name"="Mc Afee Auto Update""Version"="" Since this key is missing on the XXX-EPO machine, the e PO Agent does not recognize the Update task you are configuring as one that it needs to run.

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no we do not use superagentswe have figured out the problem of getting our machines to download the DATs (we just retraced the settings from our old server, dont know what exactly worked though)so back to our major issue which is the fact that Windows XP machines download the policy but not the DAT. I find that sometimes one of two things can remedy the situation: Firstly manually update the clients to the latest DAT version and they often start working next time there is a new DAT version to be downloaded from the e PO server, s Secondly manually import the file from your e PO server or a working client to the affected clients and again this seems to get them going. This key is referenced by the e PO Agent to keep track of what products/components are installed on the system in order to determine the correct tasks and policies set by the e PO server.

You can still have a guid issue that does not show up in the duplicate guid report because that only goes off sequence errors. The guid is generated from the IP address, MAC address, and the e PO server key (or cert maybe? So based on that, you can have a server reject a guid as being out of range if it previously reported to different e PO server and the guid wasn't properly overwritten.

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