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Next, after removal of the intrauterine ultrasound catheter, 1–2 ml of sterile saline solution was injected into the endometrial cavity with a catheter for artificial insemination, to compare sonographic images with and without saline in either the transvaginal or intrauterine sonographic technique.Then transvaginal sonography and intrauterine sonography were again sequentially performed.Fifteen women with idiopathic infertility of ; Aloka, Tokyo, Japan)].In each patient, serum oestrogen and progesterone concentrations were within normal limits, and neither endometrial nor uterine disorders were recognized.

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Intrauterine sonography characterized anterior and posterior endometrial layers as different echogenic patterns with slightly irregular interface of the endometrium (Figure 2b), but not by transvaginal sonography (Figure 2c), but not visualized using transvaginal sonography (Figure 3b Whole-exome sequencing identifies a GREB1L variant in a three-generation family with Müllerian and renal agenesis: a novel candidate gene in Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.Endometrial assessment has been performed usually by endometrial biopsy [1].