Ed young dating book white girl dating black man advice

27-Jan-2020 17:51

Marriages aren't experiencing all the benefits that come from a healthy sex life.

Couples are facing a barrage of influences that keep them from connecting with each other regularly-the kids, the career, the house, the errands, etc.

SEXPERIMENT shows people that sex in marriage is more than just sex, and it's more than a chore.

The Youngs believe it's time to get back to understanding the context of sex in marriage and that it's time for couples to break the barriers keeping them from a healthy sexual relationship.

Other books include: Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating; Outrageous, Contagious Joy; Beauty Full; and Kid CEO.

Ed Young has been married to Lisa for over 30 years.

Ed Young, Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Young entered the University of Alabama as an engineering major.Couples ought to experience the benefits of having sex regularly, intentionally, and creatively.