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21-May-2020 09:07

I asked two questions: Just recently I made a lil over a 00 for ten hours. So I know that if i put my heart into it and actually worked my ass off…. Sometimes you might make in an hour, and other times you will make to 0 an hour. I have been doing this over 2 years now, and I am still learning!The more I learn the more I make…Let’s just say on my worst day I couldn’t even make 20 bucks!!! Don’t really have “bad days” when I dont make a lot of money because I work diff sites so if its slow one place I’m making $$$ somewhere else.If you are interested in cam modeling many models reccommend My Free Cams. It’s a fascinating concept; getting paid to strip or perform various adult things for money via web cam.It’s something I would never consider doing myself. And secondly I don’t have anything guys would pay to look at (and I’m not being modest).That’s more than most doctors and all minor league baseball players make!Many of these websites tell you how much their top models make (,000 to ,000 a month), but surprise surprise they do leave out a few key points: Those questions are just the one’s I had for the top models for those websites.Aside from being over 18 years old, having a computer with an internet connection, and the courage to reveal some skin that’s really all you need to get started. I decided to look at 3 popular web modeling websites to see what they say in terms of money you can earn.

Other than that there is no information how you get paid and how much you’ll be paid for your time.

I decided to take my research direct to actual webcam models and ask them directly how much money they made.