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The exhibition space near the Holy Ark focuses on the synagogue and its appurtenances, which include a curtain and valance (in addition to the above mentioned items).Special attention is drawn to the symbolic relationship between the synagogue and the Temple of Jerusalem.There are varying opinions across the Jewish denominations about gay marriage.While Reform rabbis will proudly officiate at gay and lesbian weddings and Conservative congregations varying in opinion.The display cases around the perimeter of the hall feature the High Holidays (New Year, Day of Atonement) and the Pilgrimage Festivals (Pesah, Shavuot, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah).

Particularly noteworthy is the collection of Hanukkah candelabra and Esther scrolls.

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Within Orthodox Judaism, it must be said that although gay marriage is not endorsed or performed, gay and lesbian individuals are welcome and accepted.

The main nave houses the first part of the exhibition, which focuses on weekday services, the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.The north gallery houses the introductory section of the second part of the exhibition, titled “The Course of Life”. This section also focuses on circumcision and the redemption of the first-born.

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