Dating your ex wife

09-Apr-2020 01:07

Recently, when visiting a family attorney's office, I noticed a framed cartoon hanging in the waiting room.

It showed a father in his tycoon businessman's suit, arm proudly draped around his young son's shoulder, the two of them looking out of the corner office window.

And statistics do show that many divorced couples continue to have anger and fight for years after the divorce, which is, of course, perplexing because the primary reason so many people say they want out of the marriage is so they can stop all of that.Commonly, that thought will pass and every ex settles into a general explanation that stays comfortably away from serious personal responsibility.After all, ask anyone why they're divorced and the top two answers you'll hear are: We were young and stupid when we married or he/she was crazy and impossible.When the dust settles, the thought of returning to each other is usually out of the question.

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But there are those that don't have the knock-down, drag-out fighting through divorce and even those that do but years later have found that had they been a better spouse, things might have been significantly different.Together they gazed at warehouses and smokestacks, enjoying the sight of the father's success.

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