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Its purpose was to completely socialize healthcare in America. The very future of the American nation depends on the actions of a Republican-controlled House in the years remaining as Americas first Marxist President works his way, seeking always to make dupes of us all. & Its Allies Liberalism Versus Conservatism in American Politics ------------------------- Alan Caruba writes a daily post at American Politics, Political Competition, & the Control of Public Policy: Elections, Political Parties, Political Factions, Ideologies, & Special Interest Groups American Government & the U. Presidency: Presidential Politics & National Leadership The American Political & Cultural Left: Liberals, Statists, Socialists, Marxists, & Other Leftists: The Democratic Party, Academia, & the Mainstream Media Communism: Longterm Enemy of the U. An author, commentator and business and science writer, he is the Founder of the National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about "scare campaigns" designed to influence public opinion and public policy.They and others have swung back toward Conservative candidates for public office, electing Republican Governors in New Jersey and Virginia, a Republican U. Senator from Massachusetts, and sent Florida's Allen West and Marco Rubio to the U. House of Representatives, along with a host of candidates supported by the Tea Parties.In America, Independents, along with Conservatives, have been demonstrating a level of political resistance to senseless spending and the rough-shod imposition of Leftist legislation that suggests the 2012 elections will save America from Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their Far Left minions.I resisted and then I would succumb to unholy thought. By age 35, I had no more than a few hugs as the lifetime sum of my physical intimacy. I had no hope except that one day things might improve if I endured. I started to change the basic stories of my life: that I’m bad, alienated from God, a freak of nature.

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The sole purpose of the website is to share with interested persons information regarding civics, civic and social education, political science, government, politics, law, constitutional law and history, public policy and political philosophy and history, as well as current and recent political developments, public issues, and political controversies. Center-right people, however, were slightly less satisfied than centrists, and it all went down from there. ) at Buzz Feed reports on a new study of 19,000 people in five European countries that found “very right-wing” people are the most satisfied with their sex lives.I was raised to be a good Baptist and to be a patriotic American.

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I was raised to believe Catholics were idol-worshippers, liberals were communists and that black and white never mixed.

For it is for those awesome experiences that I believe we are here. And now, after decades of struggle, I tell a good story about it.

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