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Usually the case style or the introduction dates of the movement can help to narrow this down though.

General rule for manufacture month/year is to look at 1st digit of serial # to say what year within decade. For month, 1-9 are Jan thru Sep, with 'O' for Oct, 'N' for Nov, and 'D' for Dec.

Contents Swiss Poinçons de Maître Origins of the System The 1934 Act Responsibility Marks Missing Numbers The Hammer With Handle Mystery • Pd M 1: Hammer Head • Pd M 2: Hammer With Handle • Pd M 3: FFBA Marquee • Pd M 4: Crossbow • Pd M 5: Geneva key • Pd M 6: Shield In the 1920s a formal registration system was introduced for Swiss watch case makers, to provide traceability for watch cases made of precious metals back to the actual maker.

This required all precious metal watch cases made in Switzerland to carry a mark to identify the case maker.

The collection of Rotary watches includes timepieces with sleek leather straps, jewel-like finishes, and mother of pearl dials, as well as the coveted Swiss watch movement.

The Rotary men's watches have classic designs, and come in various styles - automatic watches, quartz batteries, pocket watches and mechanical timepieces.

The first number represents the year and the second number (or letter) represents the month (1-9 for Jan.-Sept.

and O, N and D for October, November and December).

Stainless steel straps come in all the classic colors: gold, rose gold, silver, and even two-tone.Rose gold, silver, gold, and black - these are but a few colours available in the Rotary ladies' watches range.