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13-Apr-2020 09:16

“I have a friend who every time her boyfriend calls her, she looks at the phone with dread, and goes, ‘Oh god, hold on, it’s X.’ That’s probably not a great sign.However, once you get to know someone in the context of an intimate romantic relationship, it can be more difficult to tap into your intuition because you have certain emotions.Because love is so highly charged our expectations can be misleading and not in alignment for the encounter so just relax and take the pressure off of yourself. How often our fears jump up out of us when meeting someone for the first time. How often, we will back away from a hint someone is giving us to the point of even having to ask friends or psychics what they meant.Many a heart has been turned because of a light-hearted, playful attitude! That ugly little voice of not being good enough or falsely thinking that this person is better than us is just your fears bubbling up! Be a little bit assertive if a hint has come through. Neither sex gets asked out alot so don't be afraid to ask someone out if things are going well with your initial contact. It is always nice to have the other person make the first move but use your instincts to guide you into a first date or a next date!Good news: With the advice below from a real-life psychic, you can harness your own sixth sense and use it to find the right guy for you.We chatted with psychic Thomas John and asked him how we regular, non--type gals can tap into our psychic abilities and use them for better love lives.

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Have you ever considered asking the advice of dating psychics? People like to talk, particularly about themselves and their lives. Developing good listening skills also opens the door to get to know the person at a deeper level versus just skimming the surface.