Dating scam baiters

13-Jul-2020 17:20

Scam baiting has sometimes aided law enforcement authorities to apprehend criminals by providing useful information about their identity or whereabouts.

Baiting can also divert scammers into wasting a considerable amount of time on a “victim” that they will never actually con.

Experienced baiters are very careful to ensure that no sensitive personal information is inadvertently leaked to their targets.

When the scammer responds, the baiter will make every effort to keep him “hooked” for as long as possible.

The goal is to “scam the scammer” and waste his time and money.

However, given the increasing tendency to present scam baiting as entertainment, there is real potential for less experienced Internet users to jump headlong into what they perceive as a new and interesting Internet “sport” without taking the necessary steps to protect their identity.

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I know of cases in which amateur “baiters” have initiated a baiting session by simply replying directly to a scam email that arrived in their personal inbox – replies that include their real name and other personal information.Or they might trick the scammer into arranging fictional meetings, making expensive phone calls, booking hotel rooms for guests that never arrive, complying with eccentric requests or driving to pick up non-existent travellers from the airport.