Dating requirements

26-Oct-2019 11:11

Same habits, equal in everything necessary, different in everything that didn’t matter that much.If I can see that far, I will commit every ounce of my soul to you until I see that it might be hurting me for whatever reason. I might have lost her forever, but truth is that I could never lose her cause she lives in some of my habits, in some of my ambitions, in most of my thoughts, in some of my standards. Not a heart, not a mind, not a soul, not just an experience. Do you understand the magnitude of what I’m saying? breath, blood, beliefs, behavior, past, future, , health, habits, interaction, social acceptance, activities, god, fucking life!! She fucking changed all 4 dimensions of my life in a 3 dimensional planet. You can be “better” and you should try to be “better” whatever that means to you. She impacted so many things that will determine how my life will be lived from this moment on… But at the end of the day, know that you, being you in a genuine way will always be enough to change a life.

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would she raise the kids with the same principals that I would? would she be more enamored of the children or of me? would she be able to leave her ego apart when totally necessary?

Self aware, smart, funny, sensual more than sexual, stunningly gorgeous, walks like a fucking queen but acts like a human being, ambitious, loves to travel, keeps her awareness on my wellbeing, kind, independent, likes her space, respects my space, and so on… A woman that would walk into a place and everybody had to turn their heads. Kind, smart, travels, independent, gave me explanations even when I didn’t need them or had no “right” to them. Now I must say I’m not naive, life changes people change, and it would be totally ridiculous, narcissistic and stupid for me to think that there will be no curve balls. And the more I meet people the more I get discouraged, the more I get discouraged I try to “up my game” subconsciously and the more people I meet the broader the chances right? Spending money, time, energy, the thought process to not hurt her cause I already discovered she’s not the one. Do you realize that meeting one person, One single person that did absolutely nothing but be herself, impacts my daily life to this day.

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